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Help My galaxy rush died!

It's of no consolation, but buy your new phone from Best Buy and get their protection plan. I've gotten no less than 5 Galaxy Prevails and Rushes from them when I have problems.

Also, wiggle the cable connections and check the battery. Some charging cables get loose after a while and scare you, but you get them going. One time the "springs" that touch the battery terminals were bent in too far and I bent them back out and it started working again.
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I ended up buying another Galaxy Rush from a franchise Boost Mobile store. I rooted it as soon as I could and then 3 days later the touch screen stopped working. I had a 4 day warranty from the store where I bought it from so I took it back. I then decided since I've had bad luckcwith the Rush that I would spring for the Galaxy Prevail 2, and I paid the difference in price between the two phones about $100. There are a few annoying things that happen, like the phones settings keep returning to factory defaults and the restarts without warning. Overall I like the phone much better!
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