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my google play is not working..plz help...

This happened to me a couple of times. Apparently it was because I was trying to download a large app (that needs WiFi according to Google) from the PC browser interface. What I did was on my phone, open up the page of the app in Google Play, then stop the download. Then I click again on install. You get a prompt saying that the file is large blah blah may drain your data quota blah blah so you WiFi. I got true unlimited so I just uncheck "use WiFi", then click on "proceed".
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Please help!!!!. I have a galaxy s2 android 2.3.5. I after my play store was updated I cannot start it. When I try to start the application I get a grey screen and then after 3 seconds I go back to the original screen. I also realize that I do not have my device in the google play store web site so I cannot download any app. Have in mind that my gmail and other google apps worke properly. I cleared the cach and restart but nothing happens. The I cleared the data of the application and restart but nothing happens. The play store version is 3.7.15
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