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My J5 has lost it..after update it has tons of battery issue help please


Sep 16, 2015
Hey there!
I don't know if my phone is dumb or Samsung is ********.Now I never update my phone because every time I update my phone...Samsung update screws my mobile more.Now I got a update around 20th December but I never updated it...2 days back my phone suddenly took the update and started updating.I was lile 'wth'.Now after this update,my phone got screwed.I'm having battery calibration issues..my battery indicator gets stuck and battery never goes down? Okay..I rebooted it...it works fine but after I did reboot..my phone starts waking up randomly? My phone sometimes shows charging while it's not even charging? My phone was at 72% battery today not dropping...I removed battery and put it back but now my battery level showed 74% like what the heck?Please help!
Samsung J5.


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