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Help My Mini Pro is stuck on the Sony Screen

Welcome to the forums, Dan! Sorry to hear about your problems.
Have you tried a factory reset?
How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia Mini pro

Thanks everybody for your answers :)

Sadly, this factory reset is for the X10 mini pro, my Xperia Mini Pro does not have the keys used in this guide.

Luckily I managed to get out of this inconvenient situation, I'll explain in case somebody is in my same situation.

Since the phone starts up by itself, the usb connection (flashtool, fastboot) will not be recognized, PC companion and SEUS will not solve your problem if you have unlocked your bootloader...

but if you disconnect the battery and then quickly connect the phone in fastboot mode; the phone disconnects itself after a few seconds, so you have to be prepared and quick. You can achieve a fastboot connection for the time that is necessary to lock your bootloader again.

Then you can use PC companion to reset your phone to stock firmware and keep it going :)

Thanks again for your answers
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