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Help My phone keeps making alert sounds

Most times there is nothing in the notification bar at the top of the display.
Music is interrupted every few minutes. Worse, when I play a podcast it is interrupted and paused every 3 seconds by an alert sound.
Every time I quit an app I hear an alert.
I also get a new (to me) notification accompanied by the baffling alert: "Spotify is using battery" (What, as opposed to the nuclear-powered mini-generator my phone is plugged into?).
A factory reset has had no effect.
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I wonder if this is related to my issue on my A13 recently. On Saturday my music kept being paused or muted (you'd hear the volume go down all the way uncommanded) on the YouTube Music app, but no notification on screen at all. it did it five times, then I turned the volume down a click and it was ok after that.

My phone recently got an update to Android 12 and it added a volume monitor option in Digital Wellbeing. It sounded like a good idea so I enabled it. Perhaps it just mutes volume or pauses the music if it detects that it's too high? It's kinda a bad implementation if that's true, as there is zero notice that it's doing it (and no notification saying it's to protect your hearing or something like that). But it could be totally unrelated and part of a more serious bug, who knows?

It was muting like you'd have happen if you were just about to receive a phone call. But there was no phone call nor any sign of a notification which would mute the sound to direct it to a notification or call ringtone. As lowering the volume seemed to have fixed it that day, I attributed it to a volume monitor bug.

There are a ton of notifications that are part of modern Android and tons make sound for no reason. In the early days of Android, most non-critical notifications made no sound at all, and only important ones would make sound (such as a phone call, text message, wireless emergency alert, or email). Today, EVERY notification makes a sound unless they're all manually set to silent or minimized. This was a huge two-month hassle with the A13 as there are TONS of built-in features/apps that made alerting notifications that weren't at all important enough to warrant an alerting sound (such as the current weather forecast) It was certainly an adjustment period coming from a HTC Thunderbolt, which only made noise for phone calls, text messages or emergency alerts. It never made sound for email, even.
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