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My Tracks

If you're under your stats menu, you should see an entry for each one separately.

Example. I'm reading off of last night's My Tracks when I was on my bike.

Total Distance - 8.34mi
Total Time - 1:09:38
Moving Time - 54:55
Max Speed - 45.86mph
Average Speed - 7.18mph
Average Moving Speed - 9.11mph

That said, you have your TOTAL time when you were out, your total time when you were in motion, max speed, average overall speed*, average moving speed, etc.

* - average overall speed meaning from start to finish. That said, if you record a My Tracks and you spend 10 minutes sitting idle, those 10 minutes will count against you. Likewise, Average Moving Speed is the average speed of being totally in motion. Average Moving Speed would be an accurate way to determine your average speed while not including certain things against you, like red lights, etc.

But overall, the aggregated statistics are pretty thorough and should give you everything you need.
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