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My unusable versus v7 Touchtab


Feb 2, 2016
Hello everyone I have a versus v7 Touchtab and have been trying to use it. every time I try to update it it says full delete some programs of which I do. I also have a 16gb external memory in it but still cannot get it to run properly. There is no support as I have sent emails but they have come back (failure). I just want to use the thing. need a firmware upgrade and need to get my external 16GB to be used.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi and welcome to Android Forums!

Android devices have two different memories: USER memory, which stores your files, photos, music, videos and app data; and SYSTEM memory, which stores your apps, emails, SMS/MMS and call log. Considering that it's a tablet, I doubt you have a call log or messages. So unless you're packing that thing with apps, I'm not sure what's using up all the system memory. Depending on how much system memory you have (which may be very little to begin with), it might not take much to fill it up. I hope this helps.

It's great to have you here :)
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