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Navigation whilst offline?


Jun 25, 2012

I'm currently in Paris and thought I was a well prepared by creating a list of saved places, and downloading the entire city to use offline in maps

The problem is, the actual navigation/find directions part doesn't seem to work without an Internet connection - I can still browse the map etc but I have no way of finding out how far away places are, or the best way of getting there

Also, my GPS took almost 30 minutes before finding my location

Any suggestions please? In florida last year I used my iPhone offline constantly for driving directions etc and it was perfect, is there anyway I can do something similar on my Android please?

Google Maps requires an internet connection for navigation. If you want navigation, you will need to install a different mapping app. I have used NavFree for navigation while roaming out of the country. If you are in Europe, use the International version. You'll have to install the app and then within the app, select which countries you want to download the maps for.
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Yes, you'd need an offline navigation app on your phone, as Stuntman has already said.

For to "export" my saved places to my offline navigation ('Navigon') I use the app 'Place Saver'. In Google Maps My Places I use the Share option to share the starred places to 'Place Saver'.

When I open 'Place Saver' and choose one of the saved places the app let me choose my offline navigation for to navigate to this saved place (note, use the button "Maps", not the buttons "Direction" or "Navigate").

BTW, 'Place Saver' let me choose all the GPS apps that are installed on my phone (Maps too ;) ) ... so I think 'NavFree' too :)

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