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Nearly locked myself out!

The other day, I had put my phone off to the side (on my bed, where I'm using a laptop), and put it face-down. A little while later, I started hearing this noise that I couldn't place. I figured one of the cats was doing something where I couldn't see them, and ignored it. It didn't sound like a distress thing, like coughing or vomiting. I guessed they were playing with a toy or something on the floor.

A few minutes later my phone started making this notification sound I've never heard before. It went on and on and on....and kept getting louder. :eek:

I picked it up to see WTF, and you know what it said? "You've entered your PIN incorrectly 50 times" (or something like that), and to try again after X minutes.

I know Joy Noelle is somehow involved! She probably walked on it, which woke it up and triggered asking for my PIN, then got it stuck in an endless loop of something pushing on the screen, entering my PIN, but not really...

I'm just glad it didn't wipe my phone! :D
I have had it happen where I touch the screen and somehow the screen thinks I am continuously touching it.

I have 'show touches' activated in developers options, and when this occurs, the touch is being shown on the screen.

Not to mention all the times the wrong key is displayed when I type with the virtual keyboards, which the bluetooth keyboard has remedied.

Hey, at least you can blame your cat!
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I have 'show touches' activated in developers options, and when this occurs, the touch is being shown on the screen.
Right, but since my phone was face-down AND not being paid attention, I never would've seen it!

The notification sound was weird--kind of like an alarm, getting increasingly louder, and WOULD NOT STOP until I finally read and acknowledged the message on the screen. When I realized it thought my PIN had been entered incorrectly X times, I was worried that answering the wrong way could wipe my phone. Since I had never seen this before, I didn't know what would happen next, and didn't want to answer wrong out of haste. And the whole time I'm having to listen to this annoying, loud...LOUDER....LOUDER alert! :eek:
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Wow, @MoodyBlues , that's a bizarre situation that has to involve a corrupt digitizer.
Nah, just my sweet, adorable, can't-do-anything-wrong-in-Mommy's-eyes little girl, Joy Noelle. :D

I've heard of butt-dialing and butt-texting - but that would lend a whole new definition to butt-wiping...

Indeed! You know, when it was happening, all I could focus on was figuring out how to stop the noise without accidentally wiping my phone. I never even thought to look at where it had been when it started automatically pressing itself, to see what caused it. I routinely put this phone face-down on my bed, because at night its pretty blue lit circle on the back is nicer to look at than the display (which lights up when there's motion). But it's normally on a pillow next to me. This was, I think, the first time I'd ever put it on the bed itself, face-down. I always have a bunch of...stuff...on my bed (various remotes, my old phone, my tablet, an apple, mail), so there's no telling what caused the pressing. I did LEARN from it, though! :eek:
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