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Apps Need advise from developers here!


Oct 27, 2011
Hi fellow developers :) Im new to this community. I started developing my android app 2 months ago by using references from books such as beginning android 2 and pro android 2 but there are just so much stuff to learn as a beginner :( Im stuck at a part now and wish I can hear from experience developers here their view and suggestion!

Im working on an app that works with sql lite database which retrieve information from the database when user click on an item from the list view. Everything working fine now. I wish to implement a features which allow users to make comment ( sort of like how wikipedia works, user can update the article and its send to the admin to verify )

User download my app with a pre install client side database. When user is offline, any comment make by the user will be save somewhere until the app detected that the user have internet connection, which allow user to sync with the server database.

1) Firstly my question is, if im trying to code the user comment part, should I create fields and save the data in another table of sql database and sync with the server database or is there a better approach?

2) Secondly, im not so sure about the synchronising of the database, been searching in google and looking and demoapi but did not help much, any suggestions?
I welcome any suggestion from the friendly developers here! ;)



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