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Need an adware scanner, don't know where to start...

So I, like many other people, have a few Android devices that I constantly install/uninstall software on, looking for that perfect game, that perfect scheduling app, etc...

This morning, I had 6 or 7 notifications for "suggested" games and apps. Never had this before, and I definitely want to remove it. I've been installing a lot of the Amazon FAOTDs so that they are at least on my account, and I can redownload them later if I want. I usually look at the reviews to see if the things are getting bad reviews, but since Amazon has no requirement for leaving reviews, this isn't always the best source.

Anyway, I need to figure out which scanner is the best and easiest to use. Most likely, this would be the most recently installed app from yesterday(Allrecipies.com), but a smart developer would put something in that would pause the adware for a day or two, so that you couldn't use this approach to removing the offending software.

So my question is really a multi-part one.

1. How do I make sense of these adware results? Which ones post notifications for things like suggested apps?
2. Is there a way to keep the app but disable crap like this?
3. Is there one that will monitor real-time so that I can figure out which app is responsible for these particular problems? Maybe list every app that accessed an ad network since I last checked?
4. Which of these have acceptable risks? I understand that "free" games aren't free, but I don't have a lot of issues with DeadTrigger 2, for example, and I'll accept ads for a free game, I just won't accept things that pop up when I'm not running the app in question.
5. My biggest part of this: What's the most useful app for sorting all of this out? There are a million out there, many from reputable companies, once again, I just don't know which is best.

THanks guys, and sorry for the novel, this is just making me angry, and once I figure out which app it is, I'm installing it, but not until I've listed this crap in my review.


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