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Help Need app which can save text as a ".TXT" file on SD card by default


Mar 24, 2021
I need a text editor app that can be set to save text as a file in ".TXT" format back to where it was loaded from by default, on a user-selectable directory on the physical SD card in the phone, or, to an external location that it was loaded from via OTG. It must integrate well with the default or selected file manager in the phone.

There are tons of text editor apps with similar or same names, like "Text Editor", "Notepad", etc., but they do not save in ".TXT" format, or not by easily, and only in the internal memory, or only in the cloud... so looking for the features I need is problematic. I haven't yet found one that can do the streamlined, preset format and saving that I need.
Also to emphasize, I need it also to edit ".TXT" files that are located on an external mass-storage device, without causing any file-format change when re-saving the file.

Such an app would allow the user to manage text information across devices with full cross-platform continuity, with network independence, and totally free from Google intrusion.

Due to sporadic weather events that knock down cell tower use, and privacy/hacking concerns in proximity mirroring, every use of the app should be available offline, and its text files should be transferable in analog fashion, via OTG, and a flash drive or such device: meaning, without the need for cloud, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC etc.

Please give full info, (including a pic of the app icon if possible, because so many apps have the same name!), if you know of an app that can work like I described above. I'd like it to be free, but I would be glad to pay for it if it performs well (and without ads)
Thanks very much!
This small app can edit and save .TXT files to micro-SD removable storage.

It's on F-Droid, so it's FOSS, completely off-line, NO Ads, .TXT is the default, and I sometimes use it myself.:thumbsupdroid:
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