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Need hdmi mirroring app non rooted evo

I know you are asking for a non-rooted app to fulfill your needs, but below may:
A: Help someone with similar needs that is searching.
B: May point you to info that might give you a clue where you might obtain the app you need.
(If you're lucky you might luck and run across a post from someone that has the apk installer file for the app before is disappeared from the marketplace, OR info on maybe another app that would work.)

Full HDMI cloning for the HTC Evo 4g! **REQUIRES ROOT**


2: FullHDMI updated for use with non-rooted devices FullHDMI updated for use with non-rooted devices | Android Central

3: 3rd option is to search the net with file /app name with apk as one of the search terms.

(If you have the hash value of the file as noted below you can search via the hash and possibly find it.)


BTW: When you do find the app:

Share the info back here....
(File name in it's entirety , along with the:

MD5, Hash of file so the file integrity and authenticity can be assured

Non-Tech= With a program that checks the hash you can check the hash of a downloaded file against published hashes for that file so you can be assured that the file you downloaded- has NOT been tampered with.
(EG: Viruses,Trojans, Keyloggers, etc inserted)

TIP: If you have the hash of a file you can Google/Search via hash value and find the file...


HashTab (Free- no adware, etc, Windows and Mac)

HashTab provides OS extensions to calculate file hashes. HashTab supports many hash algorithms such as MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RipeMD, HAVAL and Whirlpool. HashTab is supported as a Windows shell extension and a Mac Finder plugin. HashTab provides an easy way to verify file integrity and authenticity.
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