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Need help choosing my first Android


May 26, 2011
I know you guys most likely see tihs alot & its prolly annoying but I am very new to Cell phones in general. Ive been with verizon since 2005 but I usually always go with a crappy Feature phone that doesnt last very long so this time I decided to go with another Crap feature phone a Microsoft Kin TWOm & now im on my 4th in a month. So its time for a change

I have been doing some research but no alot today for a new Phone & I dont want to get into any of the really high expensive phones just because I was a good phone but do not want to pay a really high cost. I will let you know what I am looking for and what verizon told me I can get into & I need help weather or not these phones are good or bad for what im asking for.

1. Bright screen Vibrant Colors
2. Games (very Important)
3. Texting (Does not need to be Qwerty)
4. Pictures & Video (I travel so I love taking pictures & Video)
5. Speaker Phone

When I was young i had tubes in my ears so when I use headphones it makes me feel dizzy & sick so I really need a good speaker phone.

I know these are not alot of choices but both of these are $50.00 & are my only choices at this price. Would you choose any of these phones?

1. Samsung Fascinate (New)
2. Droid 2 Global (Re-Certified)
Never having had either phone, I can't really give an accurate view of either. However, I know the Samsung uses an AMOLED screen which is Bright and Vibrant which is what you're looking for. The screen is also 4 inches meaning it should be a fairly adequate size for texting. It also records Video at 720p, but I can't comment on the quality or the still camera.

Game wise, in all honesty, there are a lot of poor quality games on the market. Alternatively, there are some good ones too. Look for games by Glu or Gameloft. You're not really going to get an awesome game experience on many android handsets though. The Fascinate has a 1GHz processor so should cope with most games adequately.

Samsung Fascinate - Full phone specifications

Cnet seem to like it anyway -

Samsung Fascinate Review - Watch CNET's Video Review
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Honestly what ever you choose, will be a whole new ball park from what you are coming from. Android is totally different than most os systems, I guess you can kind of relate it to IOS from apple, but Droid will definitely be a step up from a windows phone. IMO I would go with the Droid 2 Global.

Droid 2 Globa has more internal memory, it has a QWERTY keyboard in case you hate touchscreen, it has a longer talk time but a lower stand by time (WTF? lol) but please realize that ALL android phones eat your battery like no other.

Here is a link to gsmarena.com that compares both phones

Samsung Fascinate vs. Motorola DROID 2 Global - GSMArena.com
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One thing I am glad I did was switch to AT&T from Verizon when I got my Samsung Captivate. The main reason for the switch was the $15 data plan and the unlimited texting. Verizon offers neither.

I've burned through 1000 texts in 5 days. Texting is SO easy with this phone compared to my old key pad phone, it is fun again. I am working on mastering Swype texting and it is awesome. This phone also has text to speech if you would rather speak your texts. (text to speech works for EVERYTHING, including contacts, facebook, any time you enter text, so if you like talking more than keying, this is great)

I am watching my data usage, downloading apps only on my home wifi and I think I can stay under the 200mb limit. If not, I can always upgrade for another $15 and get 2gb. Of course, I don't watch videos on the phone, except at home. Even still, I'd still be ahead of Verizon with the unlimited texting. Oh, not to mention rollover minutes.

I know I sound like an AT&T salesman, but honestly, I did a lot of homework and I was with Verizon since they came to California and bought Airtouch. So far I have not dropped a single call on AT&T (which seems to be a big complaint for them), and I love everything about this phone and the customer service is been great so far, so I am happy.
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Yeah I would of switched providers but honestly i cant at the moment. Even if i didnt get the new Droid x2 I was still locked into a contract for two years regardless. I am with verizon right now & happy with my new Droid X2.

The Xperia in my opinion was really buggy. Im not sure if that Xperia was defective but it was not a good phone at all. The touch screen was not responsive at all. You had to press the same button many times to get it to do anything. The colors even with playing with the settings didnt look Vibrant or anything. upon scrolling threw apps you can see the OS chugging & hanging up. The touch screen like I said was not good & was very frustrating getting it to work properly.

The guy at verizon took it off the shelf to go test it to make sure it wasnt defective. I did not order the phone I went wit the Droid X2 instead.
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