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Help Need help, draw pattern suddenly is wrong? Locked out

I've had my S21 for close to a year now. The draw pattern has always been the same. Today, I went to open my phone, and instead of the fingerprint, it only gave me the option to draw the pattern. My phone tells me that the pattern is wrong, and I'm locked out of my phone.

I know the pattern isn't wrong. It's the same one I have always had, and I used it earlier this morning with no issue.

So how do I get into my phone now?? This is massively frustrating...When I try to draw the pattern, any dots that I used are now unable to be used again, this was never the case. I did not update the phone or anything.

EDIT, should also mention that no matter how many times I try the pattern, no option ever pops up to answer security questions. It just locks attempts for 30 seconds and then I have to try the pattern again...


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