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Need help of file transfer


Feb 12, 2016
Sorry if I post this in the wrong location but here goes. This should be an easy question but I'm not familiar with the Android system. I looked but couldn't find the answer in search. How do I transfer a file from my pc to my RCA 11 Maven Pro using a usb cable. I am running Windows 7 Pro on my pc.
I use Win7 Pro also.

just connect the USB cable, and then the regular Windows File Manager can drift thru the folders.

the major folders you will be interested in most likely will be labeled DCIM (holds the media content)
Stay out of 'Android' folder, you can bollix things up in a hurry there

If I read you right, you want to copy a file from the pc to your phone?
I have found the most reliable way is to the Phone's download folder. Then use the phone's file manager to put it where you want it...

Sometimes, a PC can make a mess of SD cards.
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Thanks for the info but I am trying to transfer files to a tablet.

Okay, this use this * File Manager ASUS - Android Apps on Google Play

Set up the PC for file network sharing on the folder needed.

start up ASUS FM and let it locate the PC, provide the network sharing password, search for the file to bring into the Tablet, long press on that file:

then 3 dot menu, "copy to" and then locate the folder on the "Internal folders" on the Tablet, and tell it "okay".

I have done this, and it works like a champ.

and, no USB cables are needed.
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