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Help Need help syncing Google Contacts to a Fire tablet


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Jun 17, 2010
Hi all. I got my mom a new Fire HD 8 tablet and installed Google Play services on it, and all of that seems to be working fine.

However, she uses the default email program on the Fire tablet, which I have also set up with her email account, but when she tries to type in an email address, it does not autocomplete.

I downloaded the Contacts app on her phone and tablet, but they don't seem to sync with each other. The contacts are there on her phone, but the tablet gives an error message when I open the Contacts app, something like permissions for SMS need to be set, but they already are (and the tablet doesn't have SMS features anyway, does it?).

Anyone know what to do? I'd like her to have access to her phone address book on the new tablet.

I have an older Fire HD8 and ended up installing the gmail. If she is using gmail for email that may work.

Unfortunately, she uses a different email type. Maybe it could be set up in Gmail as well, but she's used to using the default Email apps on tablets and phones, rather than Gmail.

If possible, I'd really like to get her contacts synced that way.
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I have the same ptoblem. I loaded Google play store (and its supporting APKs) and can install apps from the Play Store. Gmail works fine with my Google account. Contacts says there are no contacts (there are actually hundreds).

I had the same SMS permission error, so I checked and the SMS permission was set. I removed it, rebooted, and then set it again. The error has gone away but the contacts still do not sync.

The contacts sync fine on my Android phone but not on the Fire HD tablet.

I would appreciate any advice on how to get contacts to sync!
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