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need help transferring data

I'm really not sure where I should post this, but since I'm moving from a Blackberry, figured this would be the best place to start!
I'll be receiving my Droid Eris tomorrow, and am at a loss on how to transfer my data from my BB Curve 8330 to my new Eris. To make matters a bit more complicated, I was with Alltel until Verizon bought the company, so I'm technically moving from an Alltel BB to a Verizon Eris - which means I can't use the Verizon Backup to transfer my data. I had downloaded miq from the blackberry app world (miqlive.com) but from what I can see, miq doesn't support the Eris, so it seems like that's a no-go.
Is there a way to take the info from my BB backup program and transfer it somehow to an android?
I thought about just putting my photos/videos/etc on my memory card, but I don't know if I'll have to format the card for my new phone. Not to mention most of my files are saved to my phone apparently and I'm not really sure how to move them all to my card.
The only other option I can think of is to bluetooth all the files to my macbook and then bluetooth them to my Eris, but due to the large number of files, this would be rather time-consuming.
Thanks for your help in advance!
-Lora E
Well if I'm not to late its really not to bad to do, use the BB desktop manager to sync your contacts with Outlook. Use outlook to export said contacts to a .csv then import into your gmail account which you will have to create to activate the eris. Once you sign in on the phone they will be pushed down to it.

Or alternatively you could just have a vzw store do it, I have not had them try to charge me when switching from Alltel phones to VZW phones because they know its a pita.
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I'm a Droid Newbie and Just did the transfer. So while its still fresh -I'll recount -

All the Post by Gruss is correct but finding the right controls in GMail took awhile.

After getting a .csv (windows) file from the BB Curve (i put it on the easy to find desktop)

From Gmail goto contacts then in Right hand corner (took me awhile to find it) there's an 'import' link. Click it and follow instructions- works like a charm.

Its great, a change in My Motorola Droid updates the GMail contacts and vise versa....ove da Cloud! Way to go Google!!

Hope this helps.

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