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Need help with an alternative for iPhone 5 on Verizon.


Jun 24, 2013
Hi all,

I had a 1st gen HTC Incredible for about 3 1/2 years, and it finally was too outdated to continue. I decided on an iPhone 5 because of its small size and cool look, but the iOS leaves a LOT to be desired compared to Android OS, so I need to figure out which smartphone on Verizon that I should get.

The Galaxy 4 and HTC DNA are both too big -- I highly prefer smaller more incognito phones. I don't see great reviews of the RAZR M, either. I wish the Galaxy 4 Mini or the HTC One Mini were coming, but there's no indication of that anytime soon, and I need to return the underwhelming iPhone 5 within 2 weeks in order to be able to exchange it.

What smartphone would you suggest that compares more directly with the iPhone 5 in terms of size and features and reliability? The Galaxy 4 and the HTC DNA look very cool, but again are too big. I am set on returning the iPhone 5 and getting an Android instead, so PLEASE, there is absolutely no need to get emotional over Android vs. iPhone -- it doesn't affect this conversation. Thanks for the help!
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The "top of the line" phones right now (s4, htc one, dna, ect) all have a larger screen than the ip5

I would check out the razor Max hd, but I'm not sure about its screen size. It may also be too big

I'm not very familiar with everything Verizon offers as I'm a sprint customer, so I would have to suggest going to the store and playing with a few of the phones and see what you like.
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The S3's screen is slightly smaller than the S4's, but the phone itself is slightly wider.

I'm pretty sure the Maxx HD is a 4.7" screen, so slightly smaller than the S3. It's the RAZR M which is 4.3" (in a very compact body).

I don't know VZW's range though, so can't add any suggestions, other than go into a store and see what feels right to you.
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Understand that those RAZRs have virtual navigation buttons, that occlude about 0.3" of the bottom of the screen in many uses.

I also prefer a compact phone, and like my LG Lucid 2, with its full time 4.3" screen, largish removable battery and good call quality. Only 1 GB of RAM, though (also true for the RAZR M and the Mini), so you need to watch RAM a bit to ensure lag-free operation.
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