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Need help with geo restricted stream app


Sep 27, 2018
I need some help regarding a TV streaming app which is supposed to work only in UK.
It worked well When I was there (for the first time On a college trip). When I try to open it in USA, it gives an error that it is not available in this region.
So I tried Two things,
First, I used VYBR VPN and connected to the servers in UK. However the app continue to give me the same error.
Secondly I use the fake GPS app and set my location to UK. However despite using the fake GPS app as well as the VPN, the app itself somehow gets to know that it is not in UK and it does not run. Although when I have the fake GPS location on, and connected to the VPN, and if I opened the Google maps, it shows that I am in UK. But still somehow the app knows that I am not.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.
Probably some other app is giving away your real location.

Google Play Services has its tenticles inside everything and can do this, but it is not the only one.

First, try another VPN, as some are better than others.

(Unfortunately, I don't think that UK servers are free.)

If that doesn't work, then try turning off all the Emergency Location items in your settings.

Apps & notifications
Wireless emergency alerts

and then also...

Security & location

as well as...

Security & location
Device administrators
(everything Google (Find My Device, etc.)

and don't forget...


go into your account and be sure that history, location sharing, abd everything else that they use to phish your info is off.

Also be sure that Location is off, and anything regarding carrier location services as well.

Then you may even want to try this app on top of it all...


In order for it to work you must open Developers Options and allow it to be your Mock Location app.

Are you getting the feeling that these devices really are tracking devices, like the 'consipracy theorists' said some years ago?
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Thank you very much for replying. Interestingly the application itself does not require location permission. You are correct that it must be taking that information from some other application. I did turn off the location settings as you have mentioned. And I am using a fake GPS location app and even tried the app you told me, however still unfortunately the app in a different location.
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Could be the whatever it is streaming service is suspecting that you're using a VPN. Which is quite easy for them to do, by running a DNS check on your IP address, Like if your IP isn't with an end-user ISP, like Virgin, Talktalk, BT, Vodafone, etc. Some streaming services have it in their troubleshooting advice, telling you to disconnect any VPNs.

I'm not actually in the UK myself, I'm in China, and I'm currently using Astrill VPN.
This is for my IP address, and "M247 Europe Srl" isn't an end-user ISP, it's a data centre in London, i.e. it's in the cloud. Astrill , Express, VYBR, etc. have their VPN servers in these cloud data centres.
Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 06.30.28.png

It's not just streaming services, a few websites actually ban IP addresses that are determined to be in data centres, rather than end-user ISPs.

The only way I can see to get around this, is to have a friend in the UK, set up a VPN server on their computer. and so the apparent IP address appears to come from an end-user ISP, rather than a data centre.
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