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Help Need Help with Predictive Typing on Gboard Keyboard ?


Sep 16, 2021
Hi Guys,

I am trying to get the most out of the Gboard Keyboard which has come as default Keyboard on my Redmi Phone. But I am not happy with the predictive typing feature of the keyboard it is not very accurate and half of the time it gets it horribly wrong, as compared to my iPad which also has a predictive typing built in and it is so accurate I mean even that does some mistakes but it is like out of 10 times it would get 8 times correct just 2 times wrong, whereas with the GBoard it would get 6 times right out of 10. So is there any trick or tips which I can follow which can make the predictive typing better in the Gbaord I am using?

Edit:- Also even though I have the Show red line in spelling mistakes toggle button on in the Keyboard preferences it still does not show or display red lines on words with spelling mistakes why is this happening ? Even though when I have the toggle button on ?



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