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Need notifications/alerts to work better

If you can't get the Samsung messaging app on Samsung Note 8 to repeat until you acknowledge and would like to try third party apps, then one messaging app that can repeat notification until acknowledgement is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.textra.
Thanks but that one is for text only.

The most important one for me is appointment reminders. Next is voicemail, then missed calls. Text is low on the list of importance due to so much abuse by spammers.
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I found the solution. I went to the t-mobile store and asked.

Long story short: Settings> Search> type reminders> tap Notification Reminders and all the settings for Notification Reminders are in there.

On my Note 8, Notification Reminders is not available through normal menu selections; it is accessed through Search only.
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Are you absolutely sure it isn't available through the menu somewhere, even in some deep hidden corner? It would be really bad design to make a setting only accessible through search (though that is one of the scenarios that would cause me to change platform, Google "simplify" Settings by just replacing them with Assistant...).

I have several calendar apps that are capable of repeating notifications, plus a standalone app that can produce repeating notifications with any calendar. But I have never used the Samsung calendar app.
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