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Need some help with hooking NFC


May 19, 2023
Hey All!
Im working on my first Magisk Module; a "Minimal-NFC-Framework Magisk Module"; for NFC devs and Researchers. The goal here is to have a cross-compatible and customizable NFC framework that contains a hook and some other useful NFC related dev tools (I.e NFCGate, but its own hook isn't working correctly on some devices, part of why i want to make a more compatible hook). Currently I've got the NXP SNxxxU series controllers supported, with plans to add the rest of NXP's stuff if/when someone reports it as needed, Likewise with all other NFC controllers and their framework/firmware. My Github repo for this project can be found here. You can see I've got a pretty good start already. I am having to reverse engineer my way through all of this as I can not find too much documentation on it. Please share any docs you may find too that may help!

So Hurdle #1 -->I optimally need to sort out a way to hook NFC in a similar way to xHook (The hook NFCGate uses), I have not messed with hooking before so need some good advice/guides/templates or prebuilt solutions.
Requirements for hook?
1- Support for android 10-13
2- ???

Hurdle #2 --> Need to identify the most common NFC controllers used on other devices so i can collect/source all the needed componets/files/libs/etc
Hurdle #3 --> Figure out a way to dynamically detect and mount the correct init/firmware & config files for the NFC controller on each individual device.

If you think you could help with this I want to hear from you! Even the smallest advice could be what I was missing!
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