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Need to Transfer your number from ST: Look Here


Jun 8, 2022
Reading alot of these threads clear up a few things. I have a galaxy note9 and I was becoming convinced I needed a new phone because, my phones mobile data connection went on the fritz. I was changing the networks, from 3G, to 4G/LTE and back just to make calls. Often times I'd be able to make a call but couldn't text or vice versa. Then my mobile data would work, but text and calling didn't.

I got an email as well about my sim card being out of date and not having a 4G phone. I bought a new sim card, still had problems. Then I read my phone would stop receiving updates this summer. Needless to say I was frustrated. So I decided to do a 90 day trial with Mint. If I had the same issues with my network then it was my phone if not then it was ST.

I just, like today, got it transferred over after a week of dealing with ST. I'll save yall some trouble hopefully. This is how I kept my number.

Your ST account number is your current ST sim card number. I couldn't find an account number online or in app. They told me my account number was my IMEI number which caused 4 days of incorrect requests.

Text NTP to 611611 to get your transfer pin. You will not find it in your account like they say, you can't set it like they say. Each time you text, you'll get a new pin so don't text until you're ready for one. It times out.

They will not tell you your zip code over the phone, even if you verify your account. They can however check as many guesses as you've got. Had a zip code I hadn't recided in for over a decade, which turned out to be correct. DO NOT let them hang up without guessing the right zip code.

Lastly, when you call press 2 (or whatever the menu at the time you call) for transfer my number. Enter your new Sims card number. If its a different carrier it won't recognize it. When it asks if you want to enter another one, say no.
This will get you to the transfer department. Ask to be transferred to the Port department, they are the ones to help with this.

This was all info frustratingly gathered over 8 days. No offense to other carriers, but I'm never going back. I'm enjoying Mint alot, and I'm no longer having network issues. Plus the customer care team are great and has let me know that ST and Verizon are notorious for trying to keep numbers, they cause the most problems with transfers.

Hope this helps.


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