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Need volume control app


Jul 17, 2010
Hi all. I'm looking for a volume control app (or apps that work together) to

1) Change volumes, vibrate etc at certain times
2) Lock the volume slider (i'm fed up constantly changing the ringer vol)

I have looked through loads of apps but haven't seen one that does both, and if I use 2 seperate programs they fight with each other.

I'd prefer one with a widget but not a deal breaker

Edit - should have said that I currently use Timeriffic for the volume settings/timing and Volume Locker for the locking.
I'm not sure of an app which locks out the volume slider, but I use Sound Manager. I have various profiles set which alter/turn off the volume for anything I choose, at various points in the day, then back on afterwards. Its been reliable and simple to use.

Since it doesn't have a lock function, it also doesn't have a widget, but everything else is automatic.

Perhaps you can try emailing the dev, and suggest the inclusion of a lock option. I've emailed a dev before with such suggestions, and they've gone ahead and implemented them after agreeing.
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