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Need SMS/MMS app recommendation with Group options


Jan 16, 2023
I'm looking for an SMS/MMS app that would allow me to somehow group about 20 contacts and then assign every single one of those contacts the same notification sound without having to change each contacts notification sound every single time I'm on-call.

Scenario: We have about 15 servers at work (and I have 5 coworkers on my team) that will send a message to [phone number]@[carrier].com when something breaks. At the end of my on-call period, I want to be able to either silence or change the notification sound on all of those contacts (or possibly the group....if that's possible to assign to a group) in one fell swoop without having to go into every single contact record and making 20 different changes.

I'm not referring to a group message....our pages/texts don't work like that. Each server is configured to send a text/page to our company Outlook group which sends it to 7 addresses everyone in our group all the time. When I'm not on call, I'd like to silence the pages from those 20 servers (or at least change the notification sound to something that isn't loud and annoying). I'm referring to assigning each contact to a group so that I can change the notification once. When I get a page from one server, it comes from [server name]@[organization domain]. I might not have a server page me for a full year whereas another server might page/text me a few times a week.

Are there any SMS/MMS apps out there that allows me to change a notification on a group of contacts all at once? I use a Galaxy S22+ and the standard Messages app doesn't allow me to set it up this way as far as I can tell. I'm even willing to pay a few bucks for an app that will allow me to put contacts into a group and manage notifications on the group all at once.



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