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  1. TThompson

    Samsung J2 Pro app update boot-loop, need contacts

    So, trying to help out a mate whose phone started to optimise apps and hit "63 of 63" before rebooting. It complains about a missing file/directory, though the friend says nothing was done by him other than turning it on. I charged it overnight and then tried the old "wipe cache" from the...
  2. L

    Adding addresses to contacts

    Hi, I'm new ish to Android, My tablet runs android 12 and is a Fusion F 202. My Q is there isn't any facility to add addresses to contacts within the contact list ap, some advice please.
  3. J

    Suspicious notifications

    Hi guys, I'm really not very tech savvy, and would just like some peace of mind regarding a notification I have on my phone EVERY DAY. "Contacts imported successfully" but I'm not importing any contacts and can't work out why the constant notifications. Am I just paranoid or is this irregular...
  4. P

    Disappearing Contacts in Google Contacts

    I have a number of contacts stored in Google Contacts that I use from the phone app on a Google Pixel 6 phone. Lately I am noticing that these contacts disappear if I have not used them for a while (about one year). Can someone explain why that happens? Is Google sending those into an...
  5. K

    Help Company name missing in the phone recent list, how to display company name ?

    Hi, in my Galaxy S20 (Android 13 with One UI v5.1) the company name is missing in the phone recent list. This is very annoying, as I deeply rely on this information to manage my business phone calls. How to have also the company name being displayed in the phone call list ...
  6. J

    Need SMS/MMS app recommendation with Group options

    Hello, I'm looking for an SMS/MMS app that would allow me to somehow group about 20 contacts and then assign every single one of those contacts the same notification sound without having to change each contacts notification sound every single time I'm on-call. Scenario: We have about 15 servers...
  7. Dimitrios Vasilakis

    Contacts to Word

    This is an app that was missing from android Google Play or Huawei App Gallery. (Still missing for iPhone devices :p:p)) Contacts to word is the best way to get a well-formatted document with your phone contacts. It is good because supports ALL contacts fields INCLUDING avatar!!! It's...
  8. N

    Pixel Contacts App & Microsoft 365 Accounts

    I have used the email app Nine on my Google Pixel 2 XL for years to access my Microsoft 365 accounts without issue (I don't like the Outlook app). Recently I noticed when trying to add contacts in the default Pixel contacts app, I no longer have an option to add contacts to my Microsoft 365...
  9. G

    Do Not Disturb Mode not working (unable to turn off notifications)

    Hi, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy 21. I would like to be able to block calls from anyone not in my contacts, and I'd also like to be able to turn off notifications for voicemails (i.e. when someone leaves me a voicemail, I do not want a notification about it). I was able to do both of...
  10. S

    Replacing Google dialer app

    First, is there a way to group contacts in the stock Google dialer app (friends, work, etc)? Or combine that app with the contact app which does group contacts? If not, what dialer & contact app would? Nothing artsy just a good basic app. Android used to do it 4 yrs ago, but now I can't.
  11. P

    Help Group contacts disappeared

    I cannot find my contact groups after the latest version of Android was loaded onto my phone.
  12. A

    Help Can't save phone number as Custom

    Hi. I have one contact where there are 2 phone numbers. I'm able to save the husband's phone number as "Custom" and then I type in his name and it saves that way, but for the wife's phone number, after I click Save, instead of seeing her name, it changes it to "Mobile". If I pretend I want to...
  13. A

    Help Call Log Error

    Hey.. I have Videocon Krypton 3 V50JG , an Android 6.0 smartphone. I am facing an issue where, when i dial any number from my contact list using my SIM 1 Slot (Carrier- Reliance JIO, India), then instead of the name saved in the contact app, "Unknown" is written in the log with no number details...
  14. A

    Help Contacts Sync = Terrible quality?

    Long time iPhone user here, just picked up an HTC 10 during their sale and transferred my contacts from iCloud into contacts.google.com, and life is good. So the contact photos didn't come over from iCloud, which is just fine - I can re-download them individually. However, when I upload a...
  15. G

    Help Unlinking my email (All my contacts have been added to my moms phone)

    My 4G wasn't working on my iPhone the other day so I couldn't play Pokemon, my mom said I could use her phone and I did, I downloaded Pokemon and then when I opened it I put in MY email address. And now all my contacts have added to her phone as well as all my snap chat friends. It's even...
  16. A

    Help How can I set message tones for contact groups on S7 Active?

    Recently updated from S4 Active, where I had discrete message tones to recognize members of various contact groups. S7 Active has a setting for group ringtones, but I don't see a setting for text message tones for groups.
  17. A

    Help Duplicate contacts can't be deleted or merged

    I've just got a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, and it's running Android version 5.1.1. I lost all of my old contacts, so I've been putting new ones in manually, but every time I add a contact it appears twice. I can't merge them, because the merge button only appears on one of them, and the other...
  18. T

    Help Contacts Won't Save

    I'm a Galaxy Note 5 owner and I'm having problem with my contacts. I'll add a new contact and it dissapears a moment later. I've tried everything... I double check that it's under my "google" account instead of device or anywhere else (all my contacts are on my google account for easy access)...
  19. A

    Help Contact sync to google incomplete.

    Hi all, I have an LG G3 Beat, which I have had a few issues with, and among other things I am trying to get the device to export its full address book to my google account, but it seems to only sync 111 contacts, when I have close to 300. . . If it doesn't export everything, I cant expect to...
  20. Android News

    Micopi Transforms Your Blank Contact Photos Into Unique Designs

    If your contact list is full of people who don't have a photo assigned then it can be difficult to quickly find the one contact you are looking for. With Micopi, it will detect which contacts do not have a photo and then insert a geometric design for the photo of that contact.