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  1. A

    Help Can a deleted SMS be recovered ?

    I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 (SAMSUNG-SM-G930A) currently running on Android Version 6.0.1 I had recently noted down some important data as Anonymous Draft SMS & unfortunately i can't find it in the SMS folder. I haven't synced my SMS folder or turned ON any backup. Is there any way I can...
  2. S

    Help SMS Audio Issue Galaxy S20

    I get two different types of SMS audio messages on my Galaxy S20. One I can hit an icon and speaker phone it and volume control. The other only is speaker phone and no volume control. Is it the other person sending it? She has a Droid Note 2 phone. Here is a pic of the two different types of...
  3. Milo Williamson

    What is the perfect sms messaging service around?

    I tried Chomp, it felt pretty good up until my girl did not get her text, I tried Textra but the photos will not load onto a message plethora. VSM I am highly against, so is there a sms that can do all three? - send and receive text in a heartbeat without a stop sign beaming up to each message...
  4. B

    What's the best file explorer to replace es file explorer

    I see es file explorer was removed from Google play unclear why or if it will return I download cx file explorer which seems like a good replacement What's the best non buggy file explorer currently in people's options currently Does Samsung have a built in one I see something in my phone I...
  5. J

    Need SMS/MMS app recommendation with Group options

    Hello, I'm looking for an SMS/MMS app that would allow me to somehow group about 20 contacts and then assign every single one of those contacts the same notification sound without having to change each contacts notification sound every single time I'm on-call. Scenario: We have about 15 servers...
  6. S

    Cannot text iPhone

    I recieve texts from two iPhone numbers, but cannot send to them. However, I can send to both in a group text and can send to other iPhones. It possibly may have something to do with multimedia vs sms or Rich Text. The chat feature is no longer available in version 12 on this S10. Any advice?
  7. M

    Help T-mobile issue

    I have a problem with receiving SMS messages and calls from different operator. I have T-Mobile sim card while my boyfriend has Zong sim card. What's more interesting: When I text him or call him, he is getting every single text and call. But when he wants to contact me - no answer although he...
  8. S

    Help Confused about mobile data

    Hi! I'm kinda new to having service and mobile data, since most of my life I just used wifi. For the past year I had service and everything was working perfectly. I have boost mobile and sprint. Last month, I wasn't able to use mobile data, except to send text messages. I couldn't recieve photo...
  9. N

    Help Dual SIM SMS profiles

    Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for an SMS app that can effectively separate out SMS messages from 2 separate SIMs. I need: * separate signatures * ability to blacklist spam and would also like: * different notification tones * ability to set up filters Thanks in advance.
  10. S

    SMS sender ID does not identify inbound SMS numbers with (9)

    I live in Argentina. Whenever I receive a phone call from +54 11 xxxx-xxxx and I have that number associated with Roger in my contacts, Roger is identified. But if I don't pick up for whatever reason, I get an SMS reporting the missed call. The number which originates the SMS is reported as +54...
  11. J

    Sms payment system

    hi we want to develop our own payment app. The idea is to allow our users to make micro payments by sending premium rate sms. The sms won’t be sent directly from the app but our app will open the sms app. Would our app be allowed on google play? Thanks
  12. dor123123

    Help SMS Global Sender

    Hello , I have been building a app. Simple App , SMS Sender. I Cannot Test it, can someone please help me https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dorsgloballymstext.sender
  13. HerrimanCoder

    How to increase the height of the SMS text data entry window?

    When I am composing a lengthy text message (really anything over about 50 characters), the available height of the tiny little data entry window is way too small and I can't find any way to increase it. I have PLENTY of screen real estate and I'd like a way to temporarily double or even triple...
  14. T

    Help How do I block a phone number from sending me text messages?

    LG Volt Android 4.4.2 I have the above phone. I can't find a way in the messaging app to block a sender/phone number from sending me text messages. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. thathaway

    SMS to MMS hack?

    I have the Google Pixel 3a and have rarely had problems with it. My biggest contention is, of course, texting non-Android users. I was able to get around the SMS breaking into separate texts by long pressing the send button and typing a space into the subject bar that popped up. However, a few...
  16. A

    App Inventor Simple Hello World for SMS Access without root?

    This is my first time working with Kotlin or Android. I looking to get a very basic Hello World type thing started as a proof of concept of a future app, but need a little basic guidance. I would like to be able to back up my SMS and my MMS messages. I have found that most applications focus on...
  17. Android News

    You can now use Alexa to send SMS messages

    Amazon Alexa is deepening its messaging capabilities by allowing users to send SMS messages. The new service will let people use their Alexa-enabled devices to send a message to anyone in their contacts list, as long as you have an Android-powered device.
  18. Android News

    Smart replies coming to Android Messages soon

    Screenshots of smart replies in the Android Messages UI have surfaced online, suggesting that Google is working on bringing the feature to SMS users on Android.
  19. Android News

    Google is attempting to improve 2-step verification through SMS

    Beginning next week, two-step SMS users will be shown a preview of the newer prompts when they sign in, at which point they can choose to keep it enabled or continue to use SMS.
  20. Android News

    Android O will Improve SMS Authentication for Apps

    With Android O, a new API has been integrated which will allow applications to retrieve verification codes sent through SMS. This means that applications will no longer need to request SMS permissions.
  21. Android News

    Allo may never get true SMS integration

    One of Google's lead developers for Allo has hinted that the service may never get SMS integration. It wasn't specifically said that SMS support would never be added, but he stated that the "goal is to build comms products that serve us towards 2020 not 2010."
  22. Android News

    Google renames its default messaging up to "Android Messages"

    Google has renamed its default messaging app to "Android Messages" as the company prepares to go all-in with RCS messaging.
  23. Android News

    Facebook changes its Android SMS verification process

    Facebook has introduced a new way for users to login easier. This new system allows users to enter their phone number and then instantly log in after verifying that the number is attached to the correct account.
  24. Android News

    Allo may get real SMS integration sometime in the future

    We may be reading too much into this, but Justin Uberti, the co-leader of the Allo developer team, has suggested that SMS integration may be coming sometime in the future.
  25. Android News

    You can't set Allo as your default text messaging app

    If you wanted to make Allo your default text messaging app, you can't. Although the app has SMS capabilties, it seems that Google isn't intending for Allo to replace your current messaging app.