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Nesoid needs wiimote!

ok so i got the HTC Dream....YAY ANDROID!.....i love it, it beats the shit out of apple everyday. (in my opinion). my ipod was broken...so no jailbreak...but then blackra1n came along. so i am using my ipod as well as my android....but i was looking in "Rock" the new cydia like installer and i found nes4iphone. it has wiimote support...someone do it....we cant let the dreaded blood thirsty money driven apple take a stand against us.

please to the creator or devs of nesoid...fix this problem
have you ever tried to play snes games on that keyboard the keys are too close together, and sometimes you only want to use a d-pad, start select, and a and b.. i think its agood idea and im sure im not the only one

if those butt f**kers at apple can do it, android can to. both the ipod touch 2g and HTC Dream/G1 have the same bullshit problem with bluetooth, so i dont see this being that hard. and plus thats just another thing to add to the millions of possibilities that android can do
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