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network type icon + connection on demand


Sep 7, 2011
I just bought my first android phone,
I'm using cm7 nightly, the phone is the optimus 2x.

I'd like to know if there's a way to show the network type on the top bar like 3g or GSM without having a connection enabled or allowing connections at all.
For example if I see G or E I'll know I'm using a GSM network and if I see 3g or H I'll know I'm using a UMTS network, having the advantage to also know what kind of internet network is available. I know that I can see that in the settings under network status but I don't understand why developers would automatically exclude that someone wouldn't care to know what network is used even without having a data connection going on

Plus I was wondering if it was possible to have certain apps using different/default connections. I personally use 99% wifi only, but sometimes I could happen when nothing is available I would use my mobile network for small transfer since it charges my very little per KByte, thus I have mobile network disabled but if I had it enabled then everything is going to use my mobile network! I also don't understand how connections priority works.

Thank you


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