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Never get disturbed again! Don't wake me up - Call Controller


Dec 17, 2012
Hi all,
i want to share our new app with you. Its Don't wake me up - Call Controller. Please check out the description and give us some feedback on how we can improve it and make it more useful to you.


Call Controller

Never get disturbed again!Do you want your phone to go into silent mode at the bedtime and reactivate when you wake up without you thinking about it or putting any efforts on it?
Do you want to rest without being bothered but you don
Hi laymelek,

I've moved your post to the App & Games Announcements subforum, where developers are encouraged to maintain a thread for their various releases, and I also merged the thread with your existing Announcement thread to comply with the "one announcement thread per developer" policy.


Please let me know if you have any questions :)
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