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New Android Facebook App - Live now!

Just in case anyone's missed the Facebook Live announcement... the most interesting thing for me so far has been the updated Android App...

It's live in the Android Market now, if it doesn't show up straight away, go to Settings - Applications - Market - Force Stop & Clear Cache then look again...

Apologies if this has already been posted, I looked in a couple of boards and couldn't see anything...
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Don't really see any changes other than the places and groups icons being added.

Hopefully, this is at least a sign that the Android app will get some attention and will catch up to the iPhone app eventually.

Pictures taken in portrait mode still get uploaded so that the picture is sideways on facebook.
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I want my notifications in my tray! That should have been one of the 1st features that added... is it really that hard??

Exactly. Facebook is the only app I've used that DOESN'T utilize the native notification tray. The irony is that Facebook is also one of the most notification driven apps out there. So dumb.
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