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New Android user, help please! (Battery)


May 18, 2010
This question has been asked a million times, and believe me I have read and read the replies on various websites and blogs. I am new to Android and most 'smart phones' but I am not computer illiterate. I have attempted to remedy the problem myself, but I must not be doing something correct. My battery situation hasn't improved too much. Here is my situation!

I am using the LG KH5200. LINK

I have not found much concerning this phone. That may be because the phone is rather new (one or two months old since release). I have found info about the LG Eve (it's considered a similar model, and maybe even a brother or sister phone).

I don't want to sound too picky, but please try to read through my setup before replying with advice like 'try a task manager.' I am grateful for all advice, but please try to read through-- I understand it's a mess and not easy to read through. If you can read through it, I believe you can provide much better advice!

I live and work in Korea. I am using it in Korea on the KT network. My phone setup:

Locale set to English
Android firmware version 1.5

Installed Applications that I use:
Language software (a few Japanese and Korean language programs)
Korean keyboard input
Korean subway timer
Advanced Task Cleaner
Spare Parts
Google Mail
Google Talk
Google Calender
Google Translate
Music Player (default)
Video Player (I don't use default, I use "Video Player" from the market)
Dolphin Browser (I don't use default)
EEBA (budgeting program)
Astro file manager
Wifi Manager

My settings:


Dialer, Messaging (default), Gmail, Dolphin Browser

2nd: (Screen is used for widgets)
Wifi Manager, wifi toggle, BT toggle, 2g/3g toggle, GPS toggle, Brightness toggle, Vibrate/silence toggle, Screen orientation toggle

Most common settings:

-Wifi is off
-BT is off
-GPS is off, other location services are off
-I stay on 3g (little afraid of 2g, afraid I may be 'roaming') I want to avoid it, how does it work exactly? Would it be safe to switch to 2g for messaging and general stuff like MSN or Google Talk? Then switching to 3g for internet browsing?

-Screen orientation is shut off, it's locked on vertical, this is normal for my phone
-Phone is mostly on vibrate
-Brightness is on 0% a vast majority of days

-Background Data is set to on
-Data Sync is on for GMail and Calendar and contacts only.

-Facebook is only used as an application and shouldn't be synched.
-MSN is off, and Google Talk is off unless I open it. I rarely use them.

Constantly running programs:
Messaging (not sure why this program keeps running?),
Music (this program keeps running even after closed, randomly shows up on my tasks to kill),

I installed Spare Parts today, and it says Music and 'running' are my main battery consumers. I will wait until the end of today and see more accurate results.

** Advanced Task Cleaner **

Ignore List:
Alarm, Messaging (is it safe to auto kill messaging?)

Auto Kill list:
Every Application except music, video and messaging

Screen off auto kill list enabled (all programs are killed when my screen shuts off, except music, video and messaging).

Is messaging a potential battery killer? I read 1.5 had a kind of memory or battery leak on messaging.

My usual day: I charge my phone while I sleep. I wake up and unplug it at 6:30. I shower and do my morning stuff. I only send a message or two, or call my significant other for a minute or two. I relax until about 10:30. Then I leave home and I use my headphones and my default music player. I listen to music and do a little gmail, facebook for about 5 minutes. I keep listening to music until about 12. I may skim the market for apps, but nothing much. I may also send a few texts. I always end tasks when I am done using them, and advanced task cleaner kills all running apps (except music, alarm and messaging) when my screen times out (30 seconds). I use 0% brightness the whole morning. When I arrive at work (at 12), my battery is usually around 87% or less.

Is it just me or is that obsessive battery use with only minimal phone use? My phone itself seems to get drained even if I don't listen to music. It will usually drop 10% or so even without listening to music. Spare Parts doesn't display any strange battery drain.

There you go-- ask any questions you have, and provide any tips you may have. Thanks a lot for reading!
First thing I would check is your "Up time" against your "Awake time". Not sure of your menus but on my Desire is Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> Battery. Your Awake Time should be a LOT lower than your Up Time. If they are close or the same then something is preventing the phone from going into a sleep state when you're not using it.
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I just checked, and it says:

Uptime: 22 hours
Awake Time: Not Available

Is there any reason it would be unavailable?

PS, I unplugged my phone from charging at 100% before I posted this message, and the phone is already at 99%. I didn't use it at all within the last 3 hours, and it dropped a percent after an hour of sitting there idle with the screen off.
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First off, even sat there "doing nothing", it's going to lose battery. It still has to run the Android system, keep the phone ready for calls, texts, etc. Unless you have actually powered it off.

Secondly, I've never seen "Awake time: Not Available". Only thing I can imagine is that you've not had the phone doing enough since last charging/booting for it to have any statistics. You need to use the phone as normal all day and then check that up -v- awake time.

If you find they are the same, or close to it, the Spare Parts will help you to find the app that is keeping the phone awake. In Spare Parts got to Battery History then in the top selector, pick Partial Wake Usage and that will list out what apps have been keeping the phone awake. My guess is that your MSN app may well be top of that list.
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