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New app idea problems


Apr 23, 2022
Good day, I might get kicked out of the forum for asking a broad question like this one but I need to know before committing.
Without wasting you more time I want to ask if its feasible to build an android app that acts as a client half of a 2 part system. If I may explain myself I want to try build an app that can keep track of sales during the day and freeze sales input at certain hours of the day and create and send a report via internet to a parent / server side half of the app while keeping a copy of all sales on its local device. The server side would be to keep track of sales and sellers at remote locations far/near the server's location.
For example
The app on the sales agent's device would record sales and print a receipt per sale and at the end of the day send a report to an admin's device for the admin to be able to see daily sales, totals and commission/ pay earned.
I highly appreciate your comments on the subject and gladly accept your constructive criticism and am willing to work on all the help you may be able to provide. Thank you very much


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