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New App: Text Shortcut - High speed chat by custom acronyms (Version textshortcut.23-04-21.V1.0)

Just init v1.0 with basic works feature, if there new feedback, I will update base on its.

Required Android 5.0+
I tested with:
Facebook + Messenger
Stock SMS Client
I think it work with almost apps, I don't have game to test with.

On Android 7.0+ it support Chrome
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For every professional or amateur customer supporters, you have to chat repeat conversation day by day. This app help you to save your time cost, to work smarter.

For gamer, this app help your hand free to ultimate in any combat at any time. Communicate is most important teammate skill in any 5 vs 5 game.

For social media users, it makes it easy to insert popular long text comments or prevent inadvertently submitting comments that are too short to keep your elegance.
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