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New Game: Freeze Whiz (Version 0.6)

App Update

Android Expert
Mar 20, 2020
HUGE UPDATE! The Game Just Got Better:
-Earn Coins to Buy New Characters and Fast-Forward Bonus
-Use Fast-Forward to Break Your Record
-Try Your Luck and Spin The Wheel to Win Bonuses Every 5 Games
-Tip Section That Will Help You Play Better
-Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Rating: 4.7
  • Installs: 1,000+
  • Download Size: 40M
  • Version: 0.6
Get ready to experience this amazing penguin adventure game Freeze Whiz with loads of fun. It is an addictive and casual game to play with a penguin character. The penguin's habitat is melting away due to climate change and you must save the penguin.

“Freeze Whiz” is a really cool penguin game where you have to allow the racing penguin to pass through obstacles on the frozen race track. The obstacles are pits or ice holes on which the penguin can fall and the game is over. You have to allow the racing penguin to smoothly pass through the frozen track by filling the ice pits with ice.

You will never get bored while playing this fun penguin bird challenge - Freeze Whiz. You can build a high score and then challenge your friends to beat your high score. When your game gets over, you have the option of continuing or starting over again. “Freeze Whiz” has the best gaming controls and you have you just draw lines by swiping on the screen. It’s an amazing game that tests your reflexes and gaming skills.

Game Features
- Easy Game Controls
- Build a high score to challenge your friends
- Earn coins and get more characters
- Spin the wheel and get exciting bonuses
- Discover the shop: Buy coins & get a fast forward bonus to cover 10 holes quickly!
- Restart the game or continue
- Free to play

Be fast, be sharp - saving the penguin is not an easy task.

How far can you go?

Have fun saving the penguin with Freeze Whiz.

Share this game to raise awareness for global warming. If you like our game, please rate us on the play store.


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