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New here! And a minor complaint ;)

First of all, I must protest. I was unable to do my full desired nickname of "TeaAddictedGeek" and had the last letter cut off, only to realize said disaster after I submitted the form. I only have my eagerness to blame for my lack of info check before submission, I suppose. :)

I just got my Droid Incredible 2 today (I took advantage of the Verizon sale, yay!), and it's busy charging as I type. I am coming from a Blackberry Tour, which was an awesome phone when I got it and now leaks about 30-40 MB of memory a day, forcing me to reboot the sucker regularly--to say nothing of how bad the battery is. I've had the battery replaced at least once and I had it for two years. Speaking of battery life, I've heard many good things about JuiceDefender and plan to get that app first thing after I activate my new phone.

I'm here for tips and tricks from the pros, and for a place to squeal over the "ooh shiny" so I don't drive the rest of my friends and family *too* crazy. :D


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