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new member. i need help. message not sent

Has she updated her plan, phone, or SIM card recently?

I recently swapped plans with the same carrier and continued using my year old phone. I was assured that I could use my 2-3 year old SIM card in the same phone with the new plan. Some messages were sent and received and some were not (mostly MMS).

Swapping to a new SIM fixed it.
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This is probably not the case but I have a 'femtocell' in my house for my carrier (Vodafone) here in the UK. It gives me a 3G signal over my broadband (it's for cases where you don't have a mobile signal at your house but can get broadband) BUT never lets me send a text as an MMS. It'll do a normal text message with no problem but an MMS is a no-no. I'd look into it further but as I rarely send a normal text it's not a problem.

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The last couple of days I've been trying to send texts to a girl and it keeps saying message not sent (error 21) it's driving me crazy, because it's only doing it to her. It sometimes works at night but it doesn't work all day. Please help, thank you.

Sounds like an issue with her carrier. While you're waiting for her to get this handled with her carrier, you can both install Yahoo Messenger (or better yet, Trillian) and text via messages with one another that way. Best part about those options is they do not completely rely on your carriers. They can both be used over Wifi, too.
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