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New phone, transfer game save data from SD?


Dec 29, 2012
I just got a new phone, and I would like to transfer the game save data from a certain game to my new phone. Neither phone is rooted. The game was installed on my SD card (presumably the save data as well?). I also have a recent backup from AppMonster. Is there any way I can get the save data on my new phone from the SD card? Via some other app or by moving files around on my phone? Thanks
try app 2 sd. It's free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a0soft.gphone.app2sd

***NOTE*** Not all apps allow you to move to SD.

App2SD does a great job at installing the apps to the SD card, but once I move the SD card to my new phone it does not access the save data from it.

Though I've never used it, this app looks promising for what you're looking for.

Looks interesting. I will give this a go and let you know.

Thanks for the replies.
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Technically, I think it's the other way around. The dev for the Smurfs would need to enable something in their app to allow a game-saving-app to be able to access the save files. Basically, it's up to the game dev to allow it, or not.

True. I believe some games are able to be restored without root because the permission to their data is RW. Other games are read only, and so the app will only work for those games if the user has root access. For whatever reason, Smurfs' Village has not yet been supported, whether by root access or not (although from my research, the app data for SV is read only and would require root if the developer does add support for it). Here is the list of supported apps.
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