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New Referral Program

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This new thread is to explain the new referral program.

These are the new rules of the program:

1. The promotion has been extended until 6/30/2012

2. Now it only requires you to make "2" payments on time to receive your unique code.

3. Each code is valid a whole year now. So most likely they will extend it again depending on how they see fit.

4. Each code is 12 digits long.

5. Each code can be used only 3 times, each code offers $25 to both parties.

6. These codes can only be used on new accounts and MUST be activated @ Prepaid Cell Phones | No Contract Cell Phones | Boost Mobile

7. The codes can only be used on NEW accounts not reactivation's. I know it will say it is "valid" however it will not give either party a credit.

Please share this link for others who do not understand the promotion details. We have a store in Las Vegas and received numerous emails on the updated details.

Hit thanks if you found this useful.
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7. The codes can only be used on NEW accounts not reactivation's. I know it will say it is "valid" however it will not give either party a credit.
What do you mean by that? Please elaborate. Do you mean that new accounts that are started with old used phones do not qualify?

Let me elaborate. I started an account for my wife. She had an account with TMobile but ditched that. She didn't want to port her number. So I started a new account with Boost for her with a new number. She didn't have a new phone and started up with an old handset. She had to pay the $10 reactivation fee.

Its too late for her now but my question is would she have qualified for the referral bonus since she started a new account or would she have been disqualified because she used a previously activated phone?
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Glad I found this thread before activating, almost missed out.

I haven't activated my phone yet, but will in a day or two so I'd definitely like to use a code. However, I've got a question. I've got a brand new phone and will be starting a new account with a new phone number. I want to try out the network in my area for a little bit before leaving Verizon. But if all checks out I want to port my Verizon number over to Boost within a few weeks.

Will I be able to use a referral code to activate my new account, and then port my Verizon number (discarding the new Boost number) to that very same phone/account in a few weeks?

I would think so, because it should just be counted as changing my number, not starting a new account. Also, would there be any problem in switching my soon to be new Boost phone number to my Verizon number after having the account for a few weeks? Such as, they're not going to count it as a new account, or say numbers can't be ported over once an account has been started, etc.

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Closing this thread along with others as to not cause confusion:)
Please see this new thread in the Sticky:)


I will be moving some of the most recent posts from this thread to the new one.
So if you don't see your post here, check there:)

Thanks, and if you have any questions or comments, let me know via p.m. ok.?
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