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Help New Samsung Galaxy S3/MetroPCs user with problems...

New MetroPCS customer. Just a few weeks "in" and already I have two very big issues. I haev been in contact with CS many times and gotten no where.

I am LOVING the Samsung Galaxy S3. but I haev 2 MAJOR problems.... :mad:

One is that the cell signal and 3G/4G SUCK inside my home, but yet is GREAT in any other building I am in (even banks and Sam's club where I would not have service with Verizon!) The answer is that I am smack dab in the middle of 2 cell towers and getting weak signal. No resloution. Have to use Wifi calling app (Joyn) at home and it is is spotty at best! I don't get texts till hours later sometimes.

Also, a crazy issue that I cannot use my home phone to call my cell phone. The call does not show up on missed calls, rings via land line end 3 times, silent for about 2 rings and goes to VM. Takes VM 1/2 hour to show up! They cannot figure it out. Metro says its my home phone problem, and Home phone says its Metro issue.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm fairly technical and have rooted previous phones following the diections but don't quite understand all the details and inner workings of the cell phones. Not my area of expertise. :) I've read a bit but still not clear. I am wondering if rooting help my "radio" to boost cell signal?
One thing you can do if you haven't already is check for or update the PRL in the main menu settings.

I have an app called Open Signal Maps, install it and you can see which tower you are connecting to and the signal strength among other things.

Silly question.. what is PRL?

EDIT: Googled and found you have to dial *228, not in Menu setting anywhere I could find. I've done that a few times and does not do anything.
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Related questions:

Under Mobile Network... shoudl I have Use Packet Data or Data Romaing checked

In System Select should I choose MetroPCS or Automatic?

Packet Data should be checked.
System Select should be MetroPCS. Automatic will connect to any available tower and not necessarily a MetroPCS tower(or 4G) and you could incur roaming charges.
It is also a good idea to do a PRL update periodically. Especially before travelling out of your home area.

Rooting (or unrooting) will have no direct effect on the radios. The radios are not upgradeable.

If you continue to have the problem try doing a factory reset. This often helps. Don't forget to backup your data first.
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