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New SD card help?

I posted this on another forum, but they are not helping me.

I received my new sd card (SanDisk, 32gb) yesterday, and had some trouble succesfully integrating it with my phone. After doing what I thought would work, I managed to destroy my droid which verizon kindly replaced today (with a normal droid, still no droid 2 replacement *sad face*)

Anyways, that issue is behind me and I would like to start a thread that teaches how to get a new sd card. Perhaps you are getting a larger one, or maybe a higher class.

This is what I tried:
Copy old sd card to computer
Format new one
Put old sd contents onto new one

This is what happened:
Broke things.
Any android application (meaning, stock with android) or resource stopped working (FC'd). This includes: Amazon MP3, Google Framework (Dont know what this is), phone, messaging, and also applications that use those functions such as handcent and xscope.

I also lost connection to service, wifi wouldn't connect and even after factory resetting phone the problem wasn't fixed.

Obviously I made some sort of mistake, and I do not want others to go through this same process.

How exactly should I go about doing this? I am getting a replacement droid tommorow, so here is what I will try:

Reformat 32 gb card
Put in droid
Download all apps
Slowly introduce certain folders such as music and pictures individually.
I will also put my handcent backup and ADW backup on the card.

Then I will re download all of my old apps, and hope for the best.

If this is not how I should go about doing this, then please... enlighten me.

Thank you for helping me, and the others who are/will experience(ing) this problem.


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