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New SD card wont work


Apr 18, 2011
I copied my old 8g card onto my computer. I then put my new card into my phone and copied it from my computer.Once I unplugged the phone and checked it, i couldn't find any of my files. I plugged it back into my computer some of the folders had disappeared.
Not to sure what to do now. It looks like the phone is changing my folders to its default settings and deleting things. I have a folder that is "DCIM" where I have my pictures in it. but when I disconnected the phone, it changed it to "dcim" and there is nothing in it. Also any folder that I created before gets deleted.
Is this a windows PC? If so, you might not have allowed enough time for the files to finish being copied. In the Device Manager/hard drive/properties, click on the Policies tab and make sure that "enable write caching" is unchecked.

Write Caching is a technique that delays writing to the hard drive so that Windows can attend to other tasks. It's supposed to make Windows "appear" to run faster. So, if you pull your usb plug out before it's finished, it can screw up the file structure.

Just a thought.
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