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New to Android/HTC sense

Yeah so hi. My name is Luke, I'm new to the whole Android scene. I used to own an iPhone 3GS but I dropped it and the screen cracked and I was just sick of the same old OS.
So I wanted to change, so I chose Android/HTC Sense UI. I'm just here to find out more about what I'll be able to do my with my new HTC Wildfire (bad I know, but it's only for starters!) and possible find out about things I wouldn't of, if I just used it without joining forums.
My phone isn't the best out there but it's a start and I'm thinking of upgrading to the new HTC Desire HD once I've found out if I like and what can be done with the Sense UI.

Just got a quick question - can my HTC Wildfire phone be hacked and changed easily? As easily as the iPhone? If not, can it be hacked at all? And is there endless possibilities that can be done to it? :)

I accept I'm a noob and I'll need to learn a lot but I'm comitted to learning what I need to. :)
Yeah so hey! :)
Thanks, Luke. :)


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