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new user saying hi


Sep 7, 2011
hi all, had my evo since december both my wife and i, read alot on rooting it never did, then mine got stolen so purchased a rooted one off CL guy met me at the sprint store etc. everything checked out fine so now i have rooted evo not sure exactly what it is running but i am able to tether my laptop to it so thats good lol....the boot up screen says ps|freedom have not been able to find out much about that only its a hack for the ps3.

the boot loader screen shows

supersonic evt2-3 ship s-off
hboot 0.79.0000
touch panel atmel224_16ab
apr 14 2010

recovery shows
clockworkmod recovery v3.0.0.5

any information on this would be greatly appreciated, currently it does not have an sd card so i cannot change roms or anything yet but when i find the right card for the right price....


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