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Apps New with android studio (Please help)!


Jun 1, 2017
Hi Android friends,

I am new with android programming, I just installed android studio on my computer. I have Academic test phases of programming in Android studio that'll start after 1st or 12th June. Any one can guide me that how to prepare in a good manner for coming Android programming test phases
Hi and welcome to Android Forums.
That's a difficult question to answer because it depends on what you're being tested on. Also what is your current level of knowledge? Do you know Java?
You already installed Android Studio, which is a good start. There are many sample applications which you could take a look at to bolster your knowledge.
Android applications can cover a wide variety of aspects, so you probably need to focus on the topics that you'll be tested on. Can you clarify further?
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Hi Thanks for reply :)

I don't know on what I will be testing on right now because yet I didn't get whole test phase description from my instructor. But I know that it will something basic or intermediate knowledge of Java (in Android studio).
Yes I know about Java, currently I am taking a Java course but in this course I am using notepad or netbeans for Java programming.

And actually I have to make a "student course related announcement notifying app" and for that our instructor will conduct one test phase and then we can actually make that :)

So, as a beginner with android studio how to start ? I mean the way / method which is the best for starting programming with android studio while having intermediate knowledge about Java :)

Looking forward for your guidance :) Thanks
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Start in the time honoured tradition of creating the "Hello World" app. There are many resources on the web, including tutorials that take you through the very basics. Google's own developer website is also worth looking at


You may also want to pick up a good beginners book. There are many to choose from.

But really the best way of learning is to get some hands on practice. As I said, start simple, get used to the UI designer in Android Studio. Create an app with some simple controls like Buttons. This will introduce you to the concept of event listeners.

I think to start with, just get used to the cycle of building and deploying an app to either the emulator, or an attached device.
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