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newbie not got a clue


Oct 25, 2010
OK I'm sure there must be a v simple explanation for this but i aint got a clue...

I am trying to get my first app (astrid) and i go to the market select it and start download and the little icon in the top left starts (HTC Desire) and then nothing...waited 20 mins and nothing shows in my apps - is there a setting i need to turn on or something??

Sounds like you doing everything right. Marketplace has been playing up for the last 2 days on my desire too. I would download something and the icon comes on the top left saying so then it would vanish and nothings been downloaded.

The way I got round it was I would cancel the download then tried downloading it again.

Ahh maybe its not me being dumb then :D

Thanks I'll try and start the download again...
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