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Nexus 6 Size Comparison/Size discussion

These are the three I've been considering:

Google Nexus 6 vs Motorola DROID Turbo vs Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Phone specs comparison

1) I already have a phone w/a 6" screen (OPPO N1).Unless I find a buyer for it,I think I'm gonna rule out the NEXUS6,just not enough "gotta have" features that are lacking on the N1,wireless charging being the exception.

Google Nexus 6 vs OPPO N1 - Phone specs comparison

The OPPO N1 is a huge phone,I honestly can't believe I'd see another phone that is actually wider,but the NEXUS 6 has done it,albeit by a mere .02".
The N1 kills the NEXUS 6 in battery capacity & likely in battery life as well,with consideration given to a likely more efficient processor in the NEXUS 6.

2) The NOTE EDGE is teeming w/features,SAMSUNG has all the bases covered there. A definite maybe.

3) DROID TURBO,if a GSM model is available,definitely a possibility.The NEXUS 6 NEEDS this 3900 mAh battery.

Since GOOGLE/MOTOROLA seemingly went all-in spec-wise w/the NEXUS 6,WHY ON EARTH DID THEY OPT FOR A SMALL BATTERY?

They had to build-in an achilles heel,just like damn near everyone else does,it makes my head hurt :banghead::argh:
Just following in the footsteps of the MOTO X-'14,I suppose:
MOTO X-'14,no SD Card Slot,yet,they saw fit to put one in the MOTO G-'14. :rolleyes:

I didn't think I'd step down to a phone w/anything less than a 5.5" screen,but,the DROID TURBO has a lot going for it,& the capacitive buttons are a welcome feature.This is where the NEXUS 6 should have went,w/a 5.5"-5.7",or,just make a NEXUS version of the DROID TURBO.

Who knows,I may very well end up w/a NEXUS6,it does have a lot going for it,but,I doubt if I'll be a 1st day buyer.
It's instances like this is where I'm glad I'm in on T-Mobile's JUMP Program................
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I know it's a 6 inch screen, but it is the largest smart-phone out of the group, in all dimensions. I've got an Oppo F7a, which is same dimensions as the OnePlus 1. And that's as really as large as I want to go both for pocketability and for using it single handed comfortably. Anything larger and it requires two handed operation, for me that is, like a tablet.
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It's frustrating to say the least. At 83mm it's just too wide to comfortably fit in my hand, and the height is starting to get into the danger zone for not fitting in my pocket. What's inside the phone is exactly what I want -- totally unlocked and transferrable between carriers; for the first time in any US 4G phone, every single band for every single carrier, even T-Mobile and US Cellular's Band 12 that AT&T fought so hard to wreck; stock Android; a good processor and graphics; adequate on-board memory; splashproof construction; nice-sized battery. Screen's larger than I need. That's really about it. Too damned big.

Why can't they bring it out in a 5.2" version? Or even something right at or a bit below five inches?

I'll tell you why I think. I think the carriers are using every ounce of power they have to stop it. They can't say no to Apple (although Apple still hasn't gotten religion on Band 12 yet), but they damned well still can to Android device makers.

If the Droid Turbo at least has Bands 13 and 17 in the same unit, that's what I'll probably buy. T-Mobile is not an option for me until they get a better deal for data roaming or expand their footprint. Sprint is not an option for me until they stop the dysfunction and get their network working properly.
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do have have anything more than speculation or rumors that there may be 2 phone sizes avail?
(ie: 5.9" and 5.1")
The large size is currently the only thing stopping me from pre-ordering the Nexus 6. I am not thrilled that it will be larger and thicker than my current Note 3...:thinking:

To what rumor are you referring? There's only one size - 5.9" - and I've seen nothing hinting at anything else. There's still the Nexus 5, getting Android L, and non-Nexus options like the Moto X (and others).
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This is all speculation, but consider, if you will, the possibility
:rolleyes: Stopped reading right there...


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now if they would just shrink it to around 4.7....

My Nexus 5 will continue to be supported. I've enjoyed stellar speed stability and functionality. It's been so good for the year it's served as my primary smartphone of choice, I'm keeping it.

For my personal and business workflow the 6" display of my upcoming Nexus 6 will be very welcome. It's reasonably sized overall as compared to a OnePlus One and iPhone 6 Plus especially considering their smaller 5.5" displays.

I plan on installing Lollipop on my Nexus 5 and 7.2 as well. That'll make a great combination and provide choices.
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I'm seriously considering getting the Nexus 6 but as I've never had a 'phablet', how do you guys cope with the size of the phone?

Are you forced to two-hand the beast?

I know some keyboard apps have a one-handed mode for typing on large phones, does it suffice? How natural does it feel?

Many apps have menus or selections that run along the left side of the screen. As a right-handed person on a large phone, how do you deal with these actions? (Example: Gmail)

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I don't think it will be to much of a problem. That slightly curved back is helpful. My HTC DNA is that way. And this is just a little bigger.

The DNA a quasi-phablet this will be a phablet. And may take a little getting use to. But from the looks of lollipop it should be rather easy to use.

I was able to put a friend's 7" tablet in my pocket OK so this at 6" should be fine. ;)
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whats to "cope" with? the larger phone will fit better in the hand. you can use both thumbs to text. bigger screen means more details seen. better viewing experience. etc. etc. and so forth...

you flip it landscape and you can play video games (if you are into that ) with ease. i can go on and on here.

I LOVE large scree phones and currently have a launch day htc one max. this phone will be my first non htc phone since 2002.

one does nor need any "tips" on how to use a phone with a larger screen. once one gets the phone in hand, one will get used to the larger size with no issue.
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you can use the phone one handed or no handed. :p its large enough to accommodate either way. there is no class or school or training course to use a large screen phone. its interesting to me that people are so fearful of this phones size.

go pick up the one max and hold it. its the same size.

now if one has baby/toddler hands they may have some difficulty but a full size adult? fahgetaboutit...
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I've not seen the One Max, might not be available here, don't see many HTCs anyway, and Nexus 6 I'm not going to see at all, so it's just interest for me really. :) But I've handled other 6 inch phones though. I've got an Oppo F7a, which is 5.5 inch, and that's large enough for me. I've seen plenty of Galaxy Megas though, which is 6.3 inch, although it might not seem much, that phone seems huge IMO. It's all down to personal preference, and maybe how big your hands are, pants pockets size, etc. LOL. Can get upto 8 or 9 inch phones now, and those are monsters.
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I find large phones delightful to use. Since I too came from smaller models years ago, it was a nice surprise to find the time it took to acclimate was only a day or two.

A large phone provides more than one way to hold it, instead of being cramped with a little one. I do believe if Apple hadn't kept hammering away influencing people that only one handed tiny phones made sense, we wouldn't have this phobia affecting those who've never tried anything but an iPhone.

With a more spacious display, the advantage of a fast and fun swiping keyboard, and Androids rapidly maturing OS, today's Android phones are just terrific...:D
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