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Nexus burning data usage


Dec 25, 2013
I set up a new Nexus 10 three days ago. Since then I have burned through more than 1 Gb of data, and the vast majority is from Google Play Store and Google Play Services. I have browsed around quite a bit looking at different apps, but haven't even tried downloading one yet. Yet the two Play Store apps have used more than 800Mb of data.

I am on a limited data plan (Cellular hotspot) and can't afford a gig of data every few days for Play Store.

I do use Play Store on my phone and have never had an issue with it.

Do I need to disable Play Store? Aren't all the cool apps one of the reasons to have a tablet in the first place?
What is going on? I'm seriously thinking of taking this thing back. I can't afford to feed it.
My hotspot is a Wifi device with data limits. It operates by receiving a cell signal and then we connect our devices to it with a Wifi connection.

My Nexus is a Wifi only device. I envy people with access to unlimited Wifi, but that is not an option for where I live.

I have had the hotspot for a few years and used a laptop to connect to it. With a 2 Gb per month plan I never exceeded my monthly limit in all the time I have had it.

Now in just over 2 days of use with the Nexus tablet I have reached half of my monthly data allowance, most of which is from Goggle Play. As I mentioned in the original post, I have browsed the Play Store. The only app that I downloaded was Facebook. Why is it sucking up gobs of data?
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I checked with a friend who also recently got a new Nexus tablet. Same thing for first couple of days, then settled down.

Does simply browsing around in the Play Store consume massive amounts of data even if no apps are downloaded?

Or maybe like you suggest, it is just updating a bunch of outdated apps? Very suprised it would use so much though if that is the case. All of the entire apps that came with it are only 300Mb. Could it take more data to do an update than the size of the app itself?
In two days it shows a total of 650Mb of data used by Play Store and Play Services.

I've watched no videos, listened to no music, and the only download I've knowingly done was the Facebook app.
No books, no music, no pictures.
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