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Help nexus one mic Problem ...


Dec 25, 2011
i have a unlocked nexus one ... and i have a MiUI Rom on it ... when i make a call the divice mic Dosen't work ... and the other side of a call can't hear me ... but when a person call me the mic work Well ... The Headset Controler dosen't work at all ... what can i do For my problem .. Please Help Me e ...
android version : Android 2.3.4 / MIUI 1.6.3
kernel version : #20110606 mon Jun 6 16:17:38 SGT 2011 :mad::mad: :thinking::thinking:
Hi Friends,

Seems even after almost 3 years of Nexus one launch, I see this problem still persists no matter the phone is rooted or not rooted. I only see users posting the problem but no fix as such ?

I am also experiencing the same problem. I could make incoming or out going calls when connected to Bluetooth headset fine and perfect. If I am not using headset, callers on the other side could not hear me at all, though they are audible to me. I have tried 3 finger salutes, reboot, factory reset but nothing fixes the problem. It is clear evident to me that this should not be hardware problem because the recording works fine in camera video mode. Could some one help me with quick fix ?

Nexus one
Android 2.3.6
Baseband v32.41.00.32u_5.08.00.04
Kernel v2.6.35.7-59465-g42bad32
build number GRK39F
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